Syma S36 Spare Parts

Product Description

- Diameter of main roter: 197mm
- Length of fuselage: 240mm
- Width of fuselage: 45mm
- Height of fuselage: 110mm
- Code of main engine: M20x2
- Battery: 3.7V/150mAh
- Gyroscope: Tail-locking gyro
- Box Size: 480 x 80 x 195mm

*Flashing Lights - LED to replicate searching light

*Gyro Technology
Built-in Gyro stabilizer can ensure accurate positioning in the air and offers a much more stable flight.
*Double Flight Protection
Helicopter flies more safely, as it will be power-off automatically when chocked
*2.4GHz Radio control
Using spread spectrum technology for further remote distance, best anti-interference ability, least power consumption. Allows flying more helicopters at the same time, plus reaction speed is 100 times faster than other radio controls.

Main Features:
- Die-cast structure makes the action of this helicopter more flexible with stable flying performance for indoor flight
- Built-in gyro stabilizer can ensure accurate positioning in the air
- Modular design structure for easy assembly, and convenient for maintenance.

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